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English Language Week

Voice of Meridian

Solo and chorus performances were carried out by the grades 1-7. The awarding ceremony also were realized and winners were awarded.

Desert Spoon Cooking Contest

15 different teams consisting of 3-5 members participated in the contest. Teams made and baked Carrot Muffins. 3 winner teams (2 second place holder) were awarded.

Wise and Wiser

A quiz show for 6-9 grades were organized. Students competed with each other choosing different paths and categories from science to grammar, from sport to music. Winners were awarded with candies.

5 Second Rule

2 volunteers competed with each other telling the 3 things related with the given topic in 5 seconds. Winners were awarded with candies.

All activities drew attention and liked, are supposed to be repeated every year. Cooking one is organized in the second semester again.

Контакти / Contacts 

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