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Mind Games Club / Клуб логічних ігор


Алі Еврен Аджун (063-446-64-86)




Вівторок, четвер 15.45-16.30



In this club your child will change the way of thinking. We will solve different questions in different ways. It will also improve the Visual-Spatial and Logical-Mathematical Intelligence of your child. In the multiuser games they will have chance to challenge to their friends with their strategies.

Instruction will be in English. 

Контакти / Contacts 

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Адреса:  м.Київ, Виноградар, пров.Квітневий, 5А, 04108

Телефон:  044-433-97-48 / 044-434-88-80

Факс:   044-463-50-03

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