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World Scholar’s Cup in Kiev 21-22 March 2017






As announced recently, Meridian International School hosts THE WORLD SCHOLAR`S CUP in Ukraine breaking new ground! Accordingly, Daniel Berdichevsky, the program's founder, visited Meridian International School to introduce the program! It was our pleasure to witness such a wonderful and motivating presentation!

Who is Daniel Berdichevsky?

Daniel Berdichevsky is the program's founder and alpaca-in-chief. In high school, he achieved the highest score in the history of the United States Academic Decathlon; he has been a professional nerd ever since. For Daniel, Decathlon was life-changing: it introduced him to cross-curricular thinking and to the joy of teamwork, inspired him to overcome his fear of public speaking, and launched him into college with new confidence. It was after studying science, technology, and society and public policy at Stanford and Harvard Universities that Daniel came to three realizations: first, that there was no opportunity like Academic Decathlon for students around the world; second, that such a global program could be for students in the 21st century what Decathlon had been for him in the 20th; and, third, that he had just discovered his life’s work. Daniel has also led strategic innovation for CASIO, worked (with great non-success) in venture capital, and volunteered for progressive political campaigns, including Obama for America. He spends much of his time on the road hosting rounds, speaking at schools, and losing his driver's license. Daniel loves little more (except maybe alpacas) than interacting with and learning from students around the world.


Founded by Daniel Berdichevsky the first World Scholar’s Cup took place in Korea in 2007: a small regional tournament hosted at the Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies. The first “global” round followed a few weeks later, bringing together students from Korea, Singapore, and the United States.

One of those students: future World Scholar’s Cup Tournament Director Zachary Ellington. He hasn’t cut his hair since.

The idea behind the World Scholar’s Cup was to create something different than traditional academic competitions and conferences: a celebration of the joy of learning, a tournament as rewarding for the team that came in last as the for the team that came in first, an enrichment opportunity that motivated students not just to demonstrate their existing strengths but to discover new ones.

From that small beginning--a “world finals” more aptly described as a “world starts”--the World Scholar’s Cup has grown to reach tens of thousands of students in dozens of countries.

Values and Vision

The World Scholar’s Cup is:

•                Inclusive

•                Encouraging

•                Interdisciplinary

•                Discussion-based

•                Forward-looking

•                Team-oriented

•                Whimsical

Our goals:

•                To motivate students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and practice new skills.

•                To inspire a global community of future scholars and leaders.

KIEV ROUND- 21-22 MARCH 2017

 FOUNDED IN 2007, THE WORLD SCHOLAR’S Cup brings together over 20,000 students in 50 coun¬tries every year. Our goal: to inspire in young people of all backgrounds a love of learning, a confidence in new skills, and a sense of global citizenship.

In collaboration with Meridien International School, the World Scholar’s Cup is pleased to invite you to our first local round in Ukraine, to be held in Kiev on March 17-18.

Teams of students will participate in four events respectively,In other words each team will take part in each even such as: Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, Scholar’s Chal¬lenge, and Scholar’s Bowl.

Topics of exploration, from moonshot technology to the science (and art) of prediction, will be drawn from this year’s World Scholar’s Cup theme, An Un¬likely World.

Scholars will have the chance to qualify for the 2017 Global Rounds in Hanoi, Athens, and Cape Town, and, in due course, for the annual Tournament of Champi¬ons at Yale University in the United States.

We cannot wait to welcome you and your students to our global community of future scholars and leaders.

Team Debate

Each team debates three times, on motions across all the subjects, from policy to poetry. You may be arguing whether parents should have access to surveillance cameras at schools—or whether women make better superheroes. Debate is your chance to apply all that you’ve learned to make the most persuasive case you can. And, win or not, after each debate, you’ll give the other team feedback on how to improve.

Each of you will speak up to 4 minutes. But first, you’ll have 15 minutes to research your argument, with full access to the Internet. Use your time—and choose your sources—wisely!

Two-thirds of our students have never debated before; over half are ESL learners. The rest sign up because they’re debaters. For new debaters, it’s a great introduction; for experienced debaters, it’s a challenging new style.

Sample motions from 2014:

•                Resolved: That parents should have the right to implant GPS trackers in their children.

•                Resolved: That the prefect system is good for students.

•                Resolved: That the world needs more ninjas.

•                Resolved: That Pi would make a good spy.

There are winners and there are more winners. After each round, winning teams face other winners—and non-winners other non-winners. The result: the teams with the least experience have the opportunity to gain it, and everyone becomes a better debater by the end of the day.

Scholar's Bowl

Every team in the theater. Every team with a clicker. Every question harder than the one before. Your team will work together to solve analytic questions and multimedia challenges. Click your answers before time runs out, and don’t be surprised if you’re asked to connect a poem you studied to a clip from The Big Bang Theory. Bowlzinga.

It’s loud. You might even hear a team shout the wrong answer— hoping you’ll click it.

It's strategic. What will you and your teammates do when you disagree?

Remember, it's not the first team to answer correctly that gets all the credit. You’re all racing the clock. But, the clock is fast and the stakes are high.

Collaborative Writing

Debate with the power of your pen.

You’ll be given six statements, each from a different subject area, and asked to choose one to argue for or against. You’ll first have 30 minutes to prepare with your teammates, then an hour by yourself to compose the most persuasive essay possible, then 15 more minutes to work together at the end. Here’s the catch: each member of your team has to choose a different topic. Bring straws.

Scholar's Challenge

It’s multiple choice, so make multiple choices. The Challenge looks like any other test, but with an alpaca-powered twist: you can mark more than one answer per question. The fewer you mark, the more points you can earn if you’re right. (Yes, that means you can finally guess C and D... and also A, B, and E.) Apply your knowledge of the six subjects successfully and you can win medals in one, two, or all of them.

You’ll soon discover what all World Scholars do: that even if you think you’re an expert in science, you might win a medal in the arts, and that the best way to prepare for a test that touches on everything is to talk through it all with your team, day by day.

AGES:   11-14 (Jr.); 15+ (Sr.)

TEAM SIZE: 3 students

Teams Per Schools:Unlimited

Catering Provided by Meridian School


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